Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wanna buy a house?

Grrrrr!  I am so tired of being a landlord! 

Since you are all my friends, I am sure you know all about our Simpsonville problems.  We have the most beautiful house, in the best little neighborhood-that is making us crazy.  When Gil got his job here, we could not sell our house up there.   We rented here in Columbia for a few months-yuck.  Then Gil drove back and forth for a lot of months-double yuck.  Then, we just got too close to Nate being born, so we decided to rent out the one up there and buy one down here.  

We have tenants moving out this weekend-after only about 4 months of their lease.  They have been huge pains in the rear-and Gil has spent HOURS dealing with their slack behinds.  They just told us this week that they are moving out this weekend.  It will be better to be rid of them, but I sure hope we can get someone in it or better yet, sell it quick. 

I keep thinking that this is God telling us to try again to sell it.  It's just such a risk, selling it takes a bit of time, especially in this market, and we can't have it be empty for long.  So renting it is a good quick fix, but not a long term solution, and it sat on the market for close to a year before we rented it out.  We definitely can't afford that.

So, if you know anyone in the Greenville area that is house hunting, boy can I make them a deal they can't refuse!

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