Monday, May 17, 2010

Channeling.. inner Miss Spider.

This spider is one great mama.  She has a bunch of little kids, some of them pretty mischievous at times, yet she never loses her pudding (as we say around here.)  She remains calm, cool, and collected.  (And her voice is lent to her by Kristen Davis, one of my favorite actresses out there.)

Seriously, though-the boys watch this show after we pick Ben up from preschool, while I make us all some lunch.  It is one of my favorite kiddo shows and for some reason, one of the only ones that doesn't make me want to give up tv and live in a commune.  When I realize I am getting stressed and snappy-I always try to think about how Miss Spider would handle to situation.  She has her trials-again, lots and lots of bug children all over the place, but things don't bother her.  And when I slow down, and decide to find my inner Miss Spider, we all have a sweeter day.

So, thanks Miss Spider for nudging me in the right direction now and then.

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