Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Last weekend

Last weekend, Gil and I happily headed up to Richmond for the wedding of one of my cousins.  My sweet cousin Matt married his sweet Kate.  Those two are fun!  And their wedding weekend was great.  It was the first time in forever that I have hung out with my side of the family for an extended period of time, and the first time since my sis and I shot out 4 boys that we have all been together kid-less.  And boy did we celebrate.

Here is our group, I think we got everyone in on this one.  Matt and Kate are in the front.  This one was at the rehearsal dinner-at an old train depot-so cool.

Here are the 4 girl cousins (there are 8 of us-4 boys and 4 girls).  From the left are Tara, Brianna, myself, and my sister Rebecca.  And really, I couldn't even put the wine down for a picture?  Had you been there, you would have noticed that to be a pattern.

Here are 7 of the 8 cousins at the wedding (Christoper-Tara and Brianna's brother could not make it).  See the wine?  Notice, everyone else was empty handed-or at least hid theirs behind a relative's back!

I just love this picture.  That's all.  (and it happens to have my favorite person in the world in it-NO, not me you idiots-GIL!)

So, it was getting kind of late in the evening, and there was an open bar, so here ya' go-cousin feet.  Didn't realize how sparkly we were.

Guess it would be nice to show a picture of Kate and Matt, huh?  The wedding was held at Tuckahoe Plantation and it was so very beautiful.  The weather was perfect, with not a bug in site.  We sure can't say that around here.  I think Kate and Matt even had fun, although at brunch the next morning, Kate was saying that it was such a blur-I think all brides can identify with that.


My sis and I

Mom and her girls.  Her allergies were killing her and she couldn't take her sunglasses off.

And just one more.  I can't express how much I realized I love these girls this past weekend.  They live in DC, so we never see them, but I so wish we were closer geographically.  I could have packed both Tara and Brianna in my suitcase and kidnapped them.  And Charlene, I know you hate pictures of yourself, but too bad.  I love you way too much not too have one of you where we could actually see your face!

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