Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up

I don't know about you-but it seems like we have either absolutely nothing planned on the weekends, or so much that we can barely squeeze it all in.  All or nothing, baby.

This weekend was of the busy variety-which I really love a lot!  Friday night was Members Night at the Zoo-and it was packed.  That place has a lot of members.  We were able to walk through the new kangaroo exhibit before it was open to the public.  But oddly, there were no kangaroos-just terrified wallabies.  The poor little things were all cowering behind the landscaping.  I'm sure in no time they'll be comfortable, but for their debut-they had some stage fright. 

We also got to go behind the scenes in the penguin exhibit.  The boys got to stand about 3 inches away from a real, live penguin.  We also got to see how penguins poop-yuck.  I might never be able to drink milk again.  I had to keep my hand on Nate, after he almost got bitten by an alligator at the aquarium in Charleston a few weeks ago.  There was a baby one that a handler had out, and the kids were allowed to touch it.  Luckily, the handler had some ninja reflexes, because Nate pulled his tail and the gator turned to bite him.  (Gil and I were in Richmond so this is all second hand information-but it sure sounds exciting).  I wasn't afraid that the penguin would hurt Nate-but rather that Nate would hurt the poor bird.  So, a hand remained on Nate at all times.

Saturday brought us to the lake (as you might have read).  Kristen and Bill had a summer kick off party out there.  It started off very overcast and with a few sprinkles, but the sun came out and we were all nice and pink by the end of the day.  The kids played nonstop and Nate even took a little nap in one of the swings. 

Then Sunday was another busy one.  This morning we had church outside.  Our church does this once a year and it is really neat.  There is only one service, instead of the usual four-and everyone brings chairs and blankets and gets comfy outside.  The only tiny problem is that it was HOT!  After the service, there is a big picnic, with a bounce house and some rides for the kids and yummy food.  Did I mention the heat?  We left there a little stinky.

And to round it out, Sunday afternoon our neighborhood had a picnic.  It was so much fun.  I really love living here and it was so nice to meet so many of our neighbors.  I had no idea so many little kids were around.  I think all of the houses that have sold since we moved in, are now owned by people with kids-and mostly little kids.  There were a ton of little guys under 5 today.  Ben played with a group of boys and Nate stayed closer to us and played with some little girls.  And luckily, the people in our 'hood that don't know us, but hate us anyway were not there-or at least did not attack us (there was a little incident with someone always honking at our neighbors' dog, we ratted them out, then they came to our house and rang the doorbell and I hid-I'm afraid of them!)

Later on, I overheard Ben asking Nate if he had fun playing with the baby group.  I could tell he was so proud that he had been playing with the big kids.  And for once, he was actually playing and they were letting him.  So often, he kind of tries to get in with a group and can't quite make it in.  Either they already all know each other, or they really are too old to play with a 3 year old.  It hurts your heart to see your baby rejected, even though you understand.

And somehow all weekend, I didn't take a single picture.  So here is another boring-picture-less post.  Sorry. 

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  1. Sounds like a fun-filled weekend. Leave your camera in your purse!!!! Hope to see you soon :)


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