Thursday, October 11, 2012


Once again, ignore the silence and pretend that I have kept this little space up to date with all of the wonderful things we have been doing.  All of the summer sun and fun, birthday happiness, beginning of school greatness-trust me, that all happened, I just haven't taken the time to share. 

The boys were out of school on Monday for Columbus Day, so we headed over to a local farm to their corn maze.  I had never been to one and was surprised at just how fun it was.  There was a lot to do besides just getting lost in corn.  We went with our friends Michael and Lukas and the 4 boys had a great time running around.  It was a little chilly and overcast, but I don't think it would have been the same had it been sunny and 90 degrees!  And now for some pictures.

The M's live right down the street from us, and Ben and Michael were lucky enough to be in the same kindergarten class last year.  They are not together this year, but still get to have recess together.  So nice to have great neighbor friends!

This is pretty brave for Nate.

I really, super, extra love this truck.  I don't want to own it, just be able to look at it on a regular basis.

Notice the hood and the red cheeks?  All of 66 degrees and we all froze!  Wimps.

I'll take one of these for the backyard.

Julie and her sweet boys.

Ben is looking a little pooped here!
The maze for this year is election themed and it is pretty awe-inspiring.  Julie says they buy the design from a company and then plant their corn by GPS coordinates to make the maze.  We went in, spent a little bit, and were pretty pleased to get back out without raising our flag for help from the Maze Master.  Said Master, finding himself very funny, was playing DJ from up high and entertained the crowd by shouting, "Congratulations, you just found the ENTRANCE."  At least we made it out!

Pretty pumpkins all in a row.

Duck race.  Note the very serious looks of concentration.

Buds.  One smiling for the camera pro, the other 3, not so much.


Marshmellow anyone?

Luckily, the oldest and the youngest get along just as well as the middles!  Lukas and Nate are fast friends-Nate being very happy to do whatever Lukas wants to do!


Thanks for looking!