Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Sometimes around here, I get an idea-just sometimes, not all the time.  Well, a few months ago, I came up with a project and asked Gil if he could make it.  I can't take complete credit for the idea, it is a congomeration of several cute things I have seen around (ok, probably on Pinterest).  We needed a pallet-which you see every darn place until you actually want one.  Gil brought one home and went to work. 
This little beauty, with our heart in South Carolina, now lives in our playroom and I am in love!!!

It is gigantic and Gil says we should never think about what the wall now looks like behind it, but really-wow.  And the most amazing part, Gil drew the US freehand-with a crayon!

That man is talented!

And there is at least one person selling something similar on Etsy for $325!  Wow!