Sunday, May 16, 2010


Oh what a fun Saturday night we had!  The title says it all.  We got together with a great group of friends-you know the type of group-where all the wives and the husbands get along, and actually like each other.  It's kind of rare to find a group that just clicks, and this is one.  If I do say so myself, we are a pretty fun bunch.

Kristen and I know each other from when we lived in Simpsonville.  Our garages backed up to each other in our back alley.  We lived in the neatest neighborhood where most of the houses have detached garages and you got to them down an alley.  It made it so pretty, because the houses just have sidewalks in the front and no ugly garages or driveways to look at.  Our time in Simpsonville was so very strange, but for me, it meant I got to meet Kristen.  And 2 months after we moved to Lexington, she and her family moved right across the lake from us!  If you have read any of my other posts, you have seen Allie, the wild girl featured!  Kristen, Allie, and Bill are on the right side of the picture.

Courtney and I met at the library during storytime soon after our youngest wild things were born.  Nate and Ray are just 2 weeks apart, and Ben and Coleman are about 6 weeks apart.  Neat, huh?  Courtney and I remember seeing each other once when we were hugely pregnant, but I think we were both in survival mode then, chasing after our almost 2 year olds.  Courtney is a drug rep and she has recently gone full time-and we miss her dearly at playdates.  Courtney is in the middle with the white shirt on, and her husband Carl is in the back with the beard.  Coleman is in the front by Ben, and Ray is standing up with the orange striped shirt.

Robin and Kristen met while participating in the MOPS program at a church in Irmo, and they quickly realized that Robin was rushing out of MOPS each time to get to storytime in Lexington with Courtney and I.  Small world, huh?  Kristen made the connection, Robin introduced herself to Courtney and me-and the rest is history.  Robin has long dark hair and a striped shirt on, her husband Michael is holding baby Griffin in the back, and Lincoln is in the red striped shirt with the cute expression on his face.

We started our party late in the afternoon and the kids wore themselves out and brought home half the yard in their shoes.  We did Frogmore Stew and ate a mess of shrimps.  Most of the kids play without too much intervention (baby Griff is bringing up the rear-and Nate and Ray are getting semi-independent) so it's getting easier and easier when we all get together.  Robin and Michael have the coolest kiddo 4 wheeler and the kids all took turns motoring all around the back yard.  They boys were the main drivers, with the pretty girls hanging on to them on the back.  

I really can't express how much fun I have when we all get together.  I have always had good girl friends, but having good couple friends is hard to pull off!  I'm so lucky to have this group in my life!

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