Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The boys are in Charleston for a few days while we try to get the house situation taken care of.  We all went down this weekend, and they stayed with Gil's parents.  Gil and I drove up to Simpsonville on Monday to get the house cleaned out and ready to show, after our tenants moved out.  Or so we thought.  Apparently the girl didn't know they were moving out until her (ex)boyfriend showed up with a u-haul on Saturday.  And somehow, she still didn't start moving her stuff.  So, we got in the next day and luckily it has been taken care of pretty well-except for a bedroom upstairs that has been painted electric pink, with one whole wall painted in very bold black and white ZEBRA stripes.  A whole wall!  So, we have a little painting to do!  We are heading back up there Sunday after she moves out for real, or so we hope.

Crappy cell phone picture, but you get the idea....


--This morning, I had the Today show on in the other room and was kind of listening, while checking email in the playroom.  All of the sudden, the soothing sound of Meredith and Matt speaking was replaced by the non-soothing sound of Team Umizoomi!  The dvr hates me apparently.  Even with the kids gone, I am still listening to their annoying tv shows.  At least it made me turn off the computer to pretend I was going to do something productive (ok-so I changed the tv over to The Bachelorette-don't judge too harshly.)

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