Sunday, May 2, 2010

Coolest thing. Ever.

I might be the last person on Earth to try this, and I was a teacher of all things. 

Have you made goop with cornstarch and water?  Put about half a box of cornstarch into a big plastic container.  Start adding water and stirring up.  Go pretty slowly with the water.  It becomes the strangest consistency in the world.  It looks like a liquid, but you put your hand in and it feels powdery.  Then you can actually scoop some up, as if it were a solid.  Then when it's in your hand, it sort of liquifies again.  So strange, and cool, but really, REALLY strange. 

If you have kids-try it.  If you don't-still try it.  It is cool.

What are you waiting for-go make GOOP!

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