Tuesday, April 27, 2010


...or things rattling around in my big ol'  head.....

--Crepes-I can't get them out of my head.  No idea why.  When we were in Vancouver, for the Olympics-yeah, we are cool-Gil, Leslie, and I stopped for crepes one afternoon.  Which caused us to run like the wind through downtown Vancouver one afternoon to catch a ride.  Whew.  See-I said ramblings.  Maybe that is how it started.  I had the best crepes with dark chocolate and coconut.  Really good.  Hadn't thought of them since, but lately, can't get the stupid little pancakes out of my head.  Gotta do something about that, do you need a crepe pan or can you use a skillet?  Allrecipes here I come.

--Also food related-I am tired of us all eating junk-and shut up-crepes are NOT junk.  I do not aspire to be all organic and hippie-but the fruit snack obsession around here has gotten out of control.  Nate gets them out of the cabinet all day long.  And I know there are so many problems with that-we have them, snacks are at his level, I could go on and on.  I am also so stuck on what to fix for lunches around here.  I am tired of pb&j, chicken nuggets, ham sandwiches, or turkey hot dogs.  I need some more ideas.  We are also not eating enough veggies.  Hmmm, so much to think about.

--Kitchen cabinets. Also a little food related. My brain won't leave the kitchen this afternoon. They are wonderful and fine-and really nice quality wood, they are just looking a little outdated to me.  We have replaced the appliances, from black to nice shiny stainless, and we painted the walls a really nice buttery yellow color.  The counters are laminate, which we don't love-but they are staying for a few years at least.  I was thinking that painting the cabinets white might be a great, inexpensive update.  Any ideas or suggestions?  Besides of course to clean off the refrigerator doors, counters, and take decent pictures????

I guess that's it for now.  Ben is upstairs screeching into his monitor, which I guess means a nap is not in his future today, which selfishly is ok-since I know he will go to bed early if he doesn't sleep this afternoon!

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