Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hot Dog Shoes

Catchy title, huh?

Nate has 2 current obsessions


He calls Mickey Mouse "Hot Dog"-we have no idea why-but he is Nate after all.  He also loves shoes.  Wants to wear as many pair as possible at any given time and will follow everyone in the house around with their own shoes, wanting us to also wear them at all times. 

The deadly combination in our house right now is, you guessed it, the "Hot Dog Shoes".  Nate came across some Crocs in his closet with little Mickey Mouse pins in them that used to be Ben's.  They are a little big and a lot worn out-I have no clue why I kept them.  He wants to wear his hot dog shoes all the time, even though they come off with every step, and they look like they belong to a homeless person.  These shoes almost drove my mom to drink last week (and she is not a drinker at all!).  He would walk around screaming, "HOT DOG SHOES" over and over.  We would hide them and he would find them. 

Looking back, it's kind of funny, but last week, not so much.

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