Friday, April 23, 2010


Yesterday I was getting out the wheelbarrow, which lives under our porch in the back, and heard a strange sort of rhythmic beating sound.  Of course I assumed it was a murderer-hiding under our deck????  Turns out, I was the murderer.  A little bird was thumping around inside our fertilizer spreader, maybe stuck, I'm not sure-I just saw him sort of hopping around in there and making a boatload of noise for a little sucker.  I ran out because-ACK-a tiny bird-and I'm a chicken.  When I went around to look at it from outside, through the lattice-it was lying on it's side-DEAD!

He was fine right before, so there you have it-I caused the darned thing to have a heart attack.

I am a bird killer. 

Poor little guy.

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