Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Little Farmers

Today Kristen, Allie, the boys, and I headed out to Gilbert to pick some strawberries (that I'm sure are much cheaper at Publix-but not nearly as much fun to procure!)  Oh yeah, just a little something we discovered, when you pick the strawberries too high on the stem, or pick the flowers, the owners of the strawberry patch HATE YOU and may want to kill you.  I'm just saying, if you head out to one, watch yourself-and don't tell them you know us.

Here are the boys at the start of our row, notice Nate's nice clean white shirt, this is the last you will see of it!  And how bizarre does he look in those sunglasses?

Miss Allie concentrating hard.  She was cracking us up.  She probably took one bite each of her first 20 or so strawberries, then wanted to put them in the basket.  Yuck.  I think she finally got it down after a little while.


Ben took his picking very seriously, and picked about 95% of our whole bucket.  He also didn't eat a single berry until we were leaving.  I'm not sure why, but it was kind of funny.  We were even trying to get him to eat one and he wouldn't do it.  Our little rule follower.

This kid is a whole different story. There is a good chance he ate strawberries right off the ground, the nasty ones someone else already picked and threw down. He made sure we were getting our money's worth, eating his AND his brother's share.


And this is how we left the patch (before the hating and the wanting to kill the bad, bad pickers part).  No, sweet babies, stay away from the big bad shed!

Look at how tan Allie's little arm already looks next to Ben's

After we picked and ate our fill of berries, we headed to the Farmer's Shed for lunch.  Oh my gosh, how I love that place.  They have the prettiest things for your yard, fresh produce to buy, and the best food in general.   Here are some sweet pictures of the wild things before we ate.  Notice how they all had whales on today-really strange.  I didn't even notice both boys had whales on today until after they were dressed, then Allie runs in, all whaled up, too.  Hmmm.

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  1. Cute post! I finally visited the Farmers Shed today, what a neat place! I took a menu home and can't wait for my first meal there.


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