Thursday, April 15, 2010

Over the river and through the woods....

The boys and I headed to Virginia last week to see my family. We love to go, and this was the first time that the ride was 100% easy. Nate was such a stinker in the car for several months, until we turned his carseat around really. We left on the Monday after Easter and stayed until the following Sunday. We started the week at my sister Rebecca's house. She has 2 sweet boys-Ian and Brandon-oh, and a nice husband, too (I didn't forget you Shaggy!)

Dad came to Becca's house one day and hung out with the wild boys.  Can you imagine how hard it is to get a picture of 4 littles and their Grandpa?  This is the most interesting out of the 30 on my camera-love Brandon's expression.

The boys had such a good time playing together, but it was really strange for all of us to be in the car together.   I don't know how families with 4 kids do it.  I guess by the time you have the third and fourth, the first 2 can usually buckle themselves up.  We just looked back and it was a whole lot of kids!

The three big boys played in the sprinklers across the street while Taters took a nap. 

We HAD to go to the beach one day-it was spring break!  We had such pretty weather and it was a great beach day.  We went to Sandbridge,which I just read in Southern Living is one of the best hidden beaches in the South.  As warm and sunny as it was, it was still April and the water was FREEZING!  And Nate decided that Pringles (which he called 'bups') dipped in the ocean water were delicious.  Um, yuck.

Brandon looks like a little surfer with his crazy cute hair.

The only picture of all 4 boys at the beach, Becca looks like the Pied Piper of little boys.  Brandon is clearly still deep in thought, communing with the waves.

One night we ate dinner at my aunt Charlene's house.  She just redid her kitchen and it is amazing.  I should have taken a picture of it.

The boys "played" croquet.  And by that I mean they swung their mallets around and threw the balls until we all saw our lives flash before us.  But they had fun, and no ambulances were required.


                                                 There is Charlene's little dog Cotton.  Awww.

Mom and Nate, having a serious discussion I'm sure.

And here are Charles and Sharon, and the back of Shaggy's head.

We really did have a great time with the Virginians.  Gil and I get to see the adults in a few weeks at my cousin Mark's wedding in Richmond, while our little guys will be in Charleston with Mimi and Papa.  It will be nice to hang out with my family as just adults.  The last time we tried was at Charles and Sharon's son Mark's wedding, but I had to get myself admitted to labor and delivery a few weeks prior to having Nate, due to dehydration.  I'm still mad I missed that one!

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