Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Wow!  I can not remember seeing snow like we had today.  I think it was 5 inches, but I'm not sure-I just know it was a lot and it was beautiful.  Besides the actual snow, I think the most amazing part was the accuracy of the forecast.  The predictions were for the snow to start about 1:00 am, and I was up around 1:15 and saw the beginning of the snow.  I think we had nice snow a little longer than the original forecast said, but it turned into freezing rain in the morning, just as predicted.

We got outside pretty early, by about 8:30 probably, hoping to stay ahead of the sleet and to play in the powder.  I am 100% sure that Gil and I enjoyed it more than the boys, but they liked it at least a little.  We were trying to find something to use as a sled and couldn't really think of anything good.  We were talking to our neighbors and all came up with the idea of pulling a big piece of plastic behind a ride on lawnmower.  It worked perfectly!

The boys made it about 45 minutes the first time before getting too cold.  I think Ben's feet did him in.  Rainboots do not equal snowboots.  Gil got them settled inside with some Playhouse Disney and the two of us stayed outside for probably an hour more.  We all made it back out after some lunch and naps, and Ben and Gil made a snowman.  There had been a good amount of freezing rain by that point and there was a thin layer of ice over all of the snow, making it a little less powdery, but still very cool.  Also, if rain boots are your only option, duct tape some plastic grocery bags over the socks and under the boots-worked like a charm.

And the best part, Gil was off today and knows he has a delayed start tomorrow!

January 10, 2011

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