Friday, January 28, 2011


The boys were in Charleston a few weekends ago and Gil and I celebrated our 10th anniversary.  Gil took off Friday and we marked a bunch of things off of our To Do list, including going over to Carolina to try and buy the books I needed for my classes this semester.  No luck on that front, Amazon saved the day, as usual-but we did get a really good lunch out of it.  We went to Doc Brown's for some barbecue.  You know it's a good place when you walk in and it's all guys!  I think I was one of maybe 3 women in the place-and there were some really big suckers in there, guys who know their food (or maybe will just eat anything that doesn't eat them first).  I am thinking that the buffet-all you can eat aspect truly won them over.  Wow-tangent, sorry.

We saw a movie, then decided, sort of spur of the moment-that the pink in our den was going DOWN!  Our house is in the Victorian style (the thing was built in the '80's so I won't dare call it a victorian-it just wants to be one).  Somewhere along the line-we are the third or fourth owners-the precious house got a huge dose of Victorian-peptobismol-pink.  One time the boys and I went to Virginia for a few days and Gil painted over the pink in the down stairs hallways, up the staircase and did the whole hallway area upstairs.  And made up his own color in the process.  The den was the last of the pink and it's time had come.

We got a few gallons of khaki-which I used to think was boring, but have come to love.  I think it took us about 3 hours total-for both coats-and we were done.  It looks 7 million times better.  It was kind of embarassing before really-and I like pink-for a nursery!  This before picture was before we bought it-thankfully it never looked quite that bad with our stuff in it-but you can get an idea of the pink-ness of the walls.

**Disclaimer**  I can't take a good picture indoors to save my life-even with my big mama camera, so forgive the quality.  Also, I am not posting these because I think we have any decorating sense-I just think we have come a long way!

Looking at that picture reminds me of how many window treatments we carted off to the Goodwill.  Some woman that loved some floral fabric hit the jackpot that day!

Here is another good before and after.  I appreciate a nice cocktail and all, but a wet bar-really?????????

And just for fun (or to depress me enough to get serious about painting the kitchen cabinets)

I think the kitchen looks a little better, but still has a long way to go (like cleaning off all those fingerprints!!)

The wallpaper doesn't show up well enough in this one, but trust me-it was purty.  (Thanks Mom and Charlene for helping us get it off)

And here, with stainless appliances, it helps a little bit, right???

Ok, that's it, as soon as it warms up, those cabinets are getting painted and glazed.  You heard it here first. 

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  1. I'm coveting your double ovens...but not the pink looks much better!


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