Monday, January 10, 2011

4 1/2

Dear Ben,

Today marks the day you have been on this earth for four and a half years.  I look at you and no longer see a baby, you are such a boy.  Today was the first day you have felt good in over a week and it has been so hard to see you sick.  Technically, you had an ear infection, but really, you just felt bad.  Coughing a lot-especially at night, a constant fever and runny nose, just generally pitiful.  Yesterday your fever had come down a lot but you were still dragging, and today you came back-just in time for a huge snowfall.

The thing that people realize immediately about you is that you are one smart cookie.  Your vocabulary is very good, but even better are your math skills.  You really seem to understand numbers, in a way that is tough to teach.  Your dad is a numbers guy and I'm sure you get it from him.  You are really interested in adding numbers and are even starting to understand hundreds and thousands-crazy for a 4 year old.  It's hard to explain, but you are just really aware of numbers and how they relate to each other.  Daddy threatens to call your teachers and make them stop teaching you-he says he doesn't want you getting too smart, but I'm pretty sure he is proud of everything you do.

You and Nate are really having such fun together these days.  Of course you fight with each other, but most of the time you are playing and talking, and sometimes plotting against your parents (which I think is pretty funny).  You get annoyed by him and call him a baby sometimes, which hurts my feelings more than Nate's-but you are also quick to introduce him to anyone you meet, and I can tell you are glad he is your brother.

(a letter you wrote to Nate at Sunday School)

You really like school and Miss Mary and Miss Julie are such wonderful teachers.  You get to bring home the show and tell and mystery bags a lot and you love that.  So far you have taken in Batman guys, dragons and something Gamecock (I can't remember what, but it was after your first USC football game).    It's hard to believe you will be in kindergarten next year-5 days a week, all day long.  Nate and I are really going to miss you during the day!  You might even get to ride the bus in the afternoons-that would be exciting.

(singing at your school Christmas party)

Happy half birthday Ben!  As of the day before, you couldn't decide what you wanted for your special dinner, but I know we'll have fun making half of a birthday cake together.

Lots and lots of love,

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