Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Permanent Vacation

I have decided that being a boy mom affords me an opportunity to be on a permanent semi-vacation.  I am living in a foreign land here-one that the language is not my own, but that of Batman, Spiderman, Super Mario Brothers and Star Wars.  I listen to the boys playing together and they obviously understand each other, but at times I feel like I need a translator.  And we are not talking about how we can understand Nate but the outside world can not-I can understand the words, just have no idea what they are talking about. 

And the jokes around here are AWFUL!  They are all about hineys and potties-you know the kind I am talking about.  I'm just glad they can't burp on command yet.  That will be a sad day in this tourist's life.

(On a side note-Gil was putting Nate down last night while Ben and I were in Ben's room reading and Gil came in laughing. He was looking for a real translator for something Nate was saying over and over again that he had no idea what it was. Ben and I were of no help at all. I guess Nate forgot over night because I haven't heard the mystery word again).

I sure am glad that the natives around here are sweet most of the time.  I get big hugs and I love you's-luckily in a language we all share.

Then there is this guy-their leader (what, are you suprised that this picture didn't make it into my mushy anniversary post??)  This was actually his less offensive Halloween costume this year (can't believe I never got a picture of him dressed up like the project guy from Alabama-Hide yo' wife.)

So I walk around with a camera around my neck, having fogotten my guidebook, enjoying my visit to Boy Land.

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  1. Very funny. I have a friend and co-worker who is a boy mom of 3 and she oftens tells us the topics around her dinner table center around bodily functions. Her boys are much older than yours so if you need another mother to help guide you through this strange land I would be happy to introduce you!


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