Friday, June 18, 2010

VBS week

So, I just wrapped up one of my favorite weeks of the year.  I really love our church, it's big and huge and I love that about it.  Our Vacation Bible School saw about 1800 kids come through between three sessions a day.  And it is amazingly well run-I can not imagine how much work happens throughout the year to make these 5 days go so smoothly.

Growing up in Virginia Beach (at least for 4th-9th grade) we had the supreme good luck of having VBS actually on the beach.  Each summer, a group traveled around different east coast beach towns and actually did VBS on the sand.  I have such great memories of CSSM (Children's Sand and Surf Mission-I think).  There was a huge pit dug out of the sand, and that sand was used to make a big mound.  Each morning, the leaders got there early and decorated the mound with tissue paper flowers with that day's message.  It was beautiful-or that is how I remember it.  And all the counselors had funny nicknames.  One year mine was "Thud"-I think she was clumsy possibly.  I don't remember too much about her, but I really liked her-one of those cool older kids that really did well with younger kids.  I think the counselors had a great time participating, and got to go from beach to beach.

Obviously it made a pretty big impact on this kid, who didn't grow up going to church except when I stayed over with friends on Saturday nights.  That's probably why I love VBS week so much.  Now that I'm an old lady, I'm really loving being involved in church, and I know that VBS really touches a lot of kids like me, kids that don't go to church regularly, but enjoy it when they do.  And how amazing to see the hundreds of adults, all there to touch the lives of sweet little kiddos.

Ben got to participate this year and he loved it too.  We have been driving around this week blasting our High Seas cd and rocking out.   I so look forward to these boys growing up in church, and I know this is one that they will enjoy throughout their young lives.

And on an unrelated note, anyone have a hose?

Ben is the smart one, staying away from the sticky baby.

Sticky Baby wants to share his lolly with you....
Want some?

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