Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fourteen dollars

So, this is no surprise to those of you who know me, but I am a huge dork.  I have also developed a startling addiction to saving money.  Startling I tell you.  And it increases the dorkiness factor by about 1000.  My favorite place to shop and save tons is Publix.  I love that store anyway, it all started when we lived in Lakeland, Florida-the home of Publix.   Going to Publix in Lakeland is like going to Disney-it feels like the happiest place on Earth.  Everyone is so nice-staff and customers alike-it's kind of a parallel universe.  It all makes sense since they have no idea if any given customer is related to George Jenkins (the founder) or lives next door to some execs (which we did) or is married to someone that is a big deal-or crap, might even be the big deal themselves.  You get the picture.

Since I discovered my new favorite money saving website, Southern Savers, it is unbelievable how much money I am saving on groceries.  I focus on Publix, but also get to some others if there are really good deals that week.

Today I went to Publix and spent $14 and got this......

If I hadn't had any coupons, or planned my trip based on the sales, $14 would have gotten me exactly this (they are $6.99 each normally).

And I have to say, saving money is fun AND easy.  There are so many great online resources that do all the work for you.  So, if you have a few spare moments, check out Southern Savers and make a plan.

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