Friday, June 11, 2010


So, in my head, I am a chicken girl.  Really, sometimes I think I really want some chickens out back.  I have no idea why, I surely would not eat a chicken that I had known alive, and I'm not really a big egg eater (although Nate is a different story-the kid loves eggs).  And I know, having chickens sounds great, but really-chickens?????-come on!

Luckily, my great good friend Emily has chickens that I can pretend are mine.  She and her brood (of kids as well as chickens) live on a big ol' bunch of land and have horses as well as the birds.  Emily and I went to high school together in Italy and somehow, with no South Carolina connections at all at that time-ended up living 15 minutes apart in little old Lexington.  Strange, huh?  During the school year, we don't get to see each other nearly enough-teaching and her kids' activities keep her on the run.  And we are still pretty housebound here in the afternoons for Nate to take a nap.

We went over and bothered Emily the other day and took the chickens some strawberry tops, which they really seem to love.  They looked pretty funny walking around with them in their mouths, beaks???  see-not really a chicken girl after all.

My little egg lover got to get the days' eggs out of the henhouse.  I love how they are all different colors-I don't love that they are sort of covered in chicken poop.  Again, not a chicken girl in actuality.

Oops, good thing the ground was really padded with straw!  And somehow, even though the egg dropped, the animal cracker was safe (yuck!)

And this was really cute, Brady and Bennett-Emily's guys- were sitting with Ben, holding random books and pretending to read them.  They were making up the funniest stories and Ben was mesmerized (Nate was too busy chasing the bulldog around the house-(sorry Sidney)


I didn't get a picture of Madison, she was in and out on the way to work, I'll get you next time Maddie!

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