Tuesday, December 7, 2010

An idea

Nate has a new favorite expression (and it has nothing to do with Batman!)  He loves to say, "dis is a idea" or "this is an idea".  You can hear him saying it all the time.  Today he and Ben were playing and Nate got really excited over something and just kept yelling "Hey Ben-dis is a idea!!"   Or he will come up to Gil or I and say it.  It is sometimes in context, often he will really have an idea, sometimes it is just weird-but it is always cute.

He has also started saying he loves us all the time.  He has told us he "ubbs" us for a while-but lately, he tells all of us all the time.  I pick him up at the gym and he yells it across the room, or just around the house.  It is especially sweet when he tells Ben he ubbs him. 

And that Ben, he ubbs Nate right back.  I find those two attached at the hip all the time, playing or just sitting around talking to each other.  It warms a mama's heart.

Something else warming my heart today-  I am DONE with this semester of school.  It has been a little challenging and a lot annoying-but it is now OVER.  I'm sure I will quickly be complaining about my spring classes, but I am glad to close the books on this one!

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