Tuesday, December 14, 2010


My oh my is it cold here today.  Blah, Blah, Blah-I'm sure you are as tired of hearing that as I am.  But it is-and we aren't going outside.  It is almost 1:00 and we are all actually still in PJ's.  I spent most of the morning really cleaning the kitchen-because I have a huge to do list and that wasn't even on it, but it needs it.  Ironically, the cleaner the kitchen got, the messier the rest of the downstairs has become.  There are Batman guys and Trio blocks everywhere.  And let's ignore all of the play food scattered around the playroom.  That's my plan-ignore.

The boys got really quiet earlier and I heard Ben sneaking up the stairs.  I'm not sure why they were being so sneaky, but they ended up with costumes on over their pj's.  A Batman costume over feety pj's is pretty cute, I have to say. 

The green blanket was "gobbeldy gook" that Nate had to jump over. 

Nate and Santa hung out. I don't think Nate loves Santa for the presents as much as for the endless supply of candy he is providing.

Then they hung out by the tree for a little while.  That little advent house, which I love-has become the scene for many superhero adventures.  Invisible bad guys hide behind the doors and Batman has to save the day. 

Our elf, Woody, has been found in some very interesting places lately.  This morning he was hanging on the ceiling fan.  Luckily, nobody has turned it on or Woody might lose his elf magic.

And last, but not least, let's talk potties.  Is it wrong to scare your kid into going on the potty?  Nate is really too young, he hasn't hit 2 1/2 yet, but we are tired of diapers around here-buying them, and the stuff in them.  I wasn't in any rush with Ben, and frankly, it is easier to have little guys in diapers, but we are starting to think about it. 

Nate is very fascinated with and terrified of this guy...

He asks us to go see him at Target all the time, but then he won't get near him, especially now that we have done the little demo where the big guy smacks against the plexiglass trying to get out.  We can be sitting anywhere and you look over your shoulder and say, "Hi Bigfoot" and Nate scrambles into your lap as fast as he can.  When I was changing his diaper earlier, I told him that Bigfoot doesn't like diapers and maybe he should go on the potty.  How mean is that?  Better make a deposit into the future therapy account.

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