Monday, April 25, 2011


We had such a wonderful weekend, most of which was camera-free, so I'll give you the highlights.

*Friday we picked Daddy up from work and headed to the Holy City-no better place to be for Easter!  We dropped the kiddos and ran over to James Island to see some of our favorite Charleston friends.  Gil used to work with Robert and we just love him and his artistic and adorable wife Cindy.   We thought we were just dropping in to say hello, but they had run out to buy soft shell crabs so we fried up some hush puppies outside, fried up the crabs and YUM!  Add some wine and super yum.  Those two are really so much fun-it's worth the price of admission just to hear Robert's stories.

*Saturday morning-the whole crew (minus me) went to a neighborhood Egg Hunt where Ben only captured 2 eggs.  Not sure why, but Nate got a few more.  That kid loves candy so much, I'm sure he was trying to get as much of the sweet stuff as possible.

*After lunch, Gil, Leslie and I headed to King Street for some window shopping and yogurt eating.  We also played a little of our favorite game, "Local or Not". People in Charleston just look cooler than everyone else.  The real Charleston people-not the big ol' dorks with the black socks and sandals.  Just one day I want to put something together that is cute enough that I might look local.  I'm not holding my breath, though.

*Saturday night we hit Bowen's Island.   Their old building burned down several years ago and the new one has been open now for almost a year and we hadn't made it there yet, so off we went.  The new building is great, big huge deck all around the back, and we were lucky enough to get a table outside.  It was great out there.  We stayed a while and got comfy by the railing to watch the boats and listen to the water.  And the food was fried and bad for you (see the theme of the weekend?).  Again, yum.

(picture "borrowed" from their website)

*Sunday morning we went to church to celebrate the amazing things that Jesus did for us.  We kept the boys with us and they did so well!  Nate slept through the first half, but even when he woke up, neither made a peep.  I did not expect that at all.  Then we got home and family started rolling in.  We got to see a lot of people we love (and missed a few that we not in town).  Gil got to play his traditional basketball game-and we don't need to discuss the results of one 40 year old versus 2 very athletic teenage boys.  Gil did beat them at Thanksgiving and that's all that is important.

*Sunday afternoon sent Gil and Leslie home and all the rest of us down for a rest.  We had to rest up for this...

Cheryl, Tina, the boys and I headed out to Folly Beach-to look for shells.  Well, no shells returned, but we did bring back a whole bunch of sand.  We didn't have suits for the boys and I really thought the water would be too cold, but it was really warm.  So, for the second time this week, the monsters went swimming with their clothes on.  I need to be better prepared!

They dug in the sand and chased their Great, Great (???) Aunt Tina all over the place.  Then they had to chase Mimi, too. Can you believe that without naps they were up until 9:30??? 

I love this one of Ben watching the surfer. 

And this of Nate looking so little...

Ben didn't want to leave because he wanted to keep doing this...

For the second visit in a row, I missed seeing my great good friend Jennifer, but we'll figure it out for next time.  We all get so busy!

My next post will be a doozy-I have lots of great pictures to share of our great week with Becca, Ian, and Brandon. (but my camera is at home and I am still in Charleston)

Their visit was way too short but we packed in the fun.  Poor Ben cried several times the day they left and we can't wait to get up to see them in a few weeks!

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