Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sort it out


As I unpacked the bags from the last post after a weekend in Charleston, I was thinking again how they make things just a squinch easier around here.  And that there is one more thing I do that lightens the load.   This idea is not my own (of course) it came from Sarah  of Clover Lane, the SuperMom and my hero.

I am not a big fan of doing the laundry-well, folding it and putting it away-those are the bad parts.  We used to do all of our laundry together, then when we folded it, we had 48 different stacks-and had to look at the sizes on all the little clothes to make sure they went to the correct little person’s room. 

No more of that for us.

Now Gil and I wash our clothes together and each of the monsters get their own load.  This is the key to happiness…



I bought a 3 section hamper that had printed titles on one side and stenciled the monsters’ names on the other side.  They get undressed at night and go straight to the laundry room to put their clothes in the hamper.  It has been over a year and the novelty has not yet worn off.   

(Don’t you hate when you take a picture of something you think looks great and all the sudden it looks terrible?  The letters are all different sizes and it looks all kinds of wonky-but it works).

It is so nice to be able to take a load out of the dryer, go straight to the room where it will live, and put it right away.  Before I had those 48 piles, then had to deliver them all over the upstairs.  That was way too much handling. 

Now=much easier.

Do you have any tricks that  make life easier?  Like some magic way of making dinner?  I really need that one.

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