Thursday, April 21, 2011

Boys and Horses

Here is the other little series of pictures I thought was funny from the farm last week.

Ben, if you don't know, is a rather reserved, quiet BRAVE kid.  You would first think he would not be very adventurous, but in some ways, he surprises us.  He loves roller coasters and water slides and things that go fast.  He is waiting for the day at Carowinds that he can ride the big stuff.  And I am excited, too-I need a roller coaster buddy.  I thought these pictures of the boys and one of the horses was funny.  Notice how the little brother will follow anything the big brother does.  And the belly shots-why, oh why did the horse need to see their tummies?  I have no idea, but if Ben does it, Nate is going to try it too.  And yes, Ben's face is way too close to those big old horse teeth, but it ended well-so we are ok!

And for the grand finale.................

I have no idea what sent them running, but the horse probably got sick of them and let them know!

And just a few more.  Apparently Lincoln and Ben and Nate decided a tractor pull was in order.

And just a few more...

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