Thursday, November 18, 2010

These Days

Because this blog is pretty much my baby book, I am going to start just doing little "These Days" posts now and then.  There are so many funny things the monsters do that I forget as soon as they stop, and that's just sad.  So, around here these days...

Nate will run up to me, while I'm doing something else, and says, "Hey mommy, I'm busy" then runs away to play some more.

Nate- instead of saying , "I love you." Nate walks up to you and says, "I love you too".

It is so sweet how Nate's hand automatically reaches up to grab mine, without even looking. I love the confidence that someone is there to hold his hand when he needs it.

These two sweet boys are so cute looking out for each other. Of course, this is only about half of the time, while the other half is spent trying to draw blood from the other. I hear them all the time telling each other I love you. But don't get me wrong-there is a lot of fighting.

I am amazed at how Ben is really understanding number concepts (yep, the teacher is still in there somewhere). He does math in his head, which I think is really amazing for a 4 year old and already gets basic addition and subtraction.

I also think Ben is pretty close to reading a little on his own. He tells us all the time what letters are in words. He also looks for "the" and "and" when we read stories. I am guessing he'll be able to read a few words in the next few months.

Nate asks us all day if he can play Super Mario Brothers, at least ten times a day he asks this. We play after they take a bath at night for a few minutes before bed-and Nate never plays-he just watches. We ask if he wants to play and he usually does not-but he will sit and watch so contentedly. It's just funny how he asks all day to play and then watches.

We were all playing downstairs the other day and the boys actually played with their adorable kitchen for the first time in a while. Ben and I used to play with it a lot, but now they are just too active I guess. We decided to have a tea party-ok, I decided-I should get to do some girl stuff now and then-right?? So, here are some scenes from a tea party with one mama and two monsters (don't forget to look in Nate's hand).....

And then just a few from a beautiful fall lake day.  Poor little Allie was stuck with all these boys!  And that sweet girl only has one other girl in her whole preschool class.  We need to buy that girl a girl friend!

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