Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We've been playing in the leaves a good bit lately-so original, I'm aware.  It has just been so nice and the leaves are so crunchy.  Good combination.  The boys come in filthy, but they are boys-if they end their day clean, I've failed (and I fail a lot-sometimes I just don't know what to do with them outside!)

Because I've been such a lazy poster, and the boys are so cute, I thought I would just let the pictures speak for themselves.

And Gil and I did something I didn't anticipate doing for a while to come.  Don't be silly-nothing bad.  We took the boys to a Carolina basketball game and a Carolina football game this past weekend.  Well, Gil's sister Leslie took Ben to the football game and we took Nate, and we all ended up together.  They did really well, too.  We were still in the Colonial Life Arena (is that right, Gil?) well into halftime, although our behinds were not in the seats very much.  And we made it through halftime at the Troy game on Saturday.  Ben did not like the noise-and he was way overtired to boot.  Nate took it all in stride though.  He watched everything and then fell asleep on me without a grumpy noise uttered.  Woke up happy and was ready to party. 

I think we can handle basketball, unless we are determined to watch the entire game.  Our mistake this game was letting the boys walk around too early.  If we had kept them in the seats longer (and allowed Black Batman to join us), they wouldn't have known the difference.  Football though is much more enjoyable without kidlets.  Sorry monsters, but you've got a few years!

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