Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Black Batman

Around these parts, Batman is KING.  To say the boys are obsessed with Batman is a little tiny understatement.  They play with their Batcave a lot every day and are pretty creative with it-the batman guys have all kinds of non-Batman adventures.  And the space station is often right next to it, Batman in Space!  And space guys in Gotham, pretty interesting.

Nate, of course, has to take it a step farther.  There is one particular little Batman that is his bestest friend.  He is Black Batman.  We have 3 or 4 different Batmans that are black, but only one is "Black Batman" and none other will do.  And oddly, Black Batman is the one with the least black of all the black ones.  BB is Nate's CONSTANT companion.  He goes everywhere with that kid-including trick or treating.  Nate has gotten very good at functioning with Batman grasped in his pinky and ring finger of one hand.  He can do anything with the rest of his fingers and does not let Batman go. The accessories are interchangeable, but BB never changes.  The poor little Batman is not looking great these days either-the paint has worn off his chin, giving him a creepy little goatee, and his hands are a little worse for the wear.  And the kicker is-you can't buy this particular Batman without buying the whole huge Batcave!  So, no back up for us.

Wow, he looks really bad up close.  I don't really see much beyond his head and feet usually, because of the death grip and all.

I try to leave him home when we go to school-Nate has a fit wherever he says his goodbye, and I'd rather he screamed on the way to school, than getting him out of the car.  He was upset the other day, but handling it-and I looked back and his Batman fingers were twitching.  Pitiful I tell you!

Just a few shots taken yesterday in a 30 minute period.  Check out the dark shadow constantly in Nate's hand.

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