Monday, July 26, 2010

Hurricane Youmans

The boys' birthdays are about 6 weeks apart, so this year, we decided to have a party for them together.  6 weeks might be a little too far apart, since the party was a full month before Nate turns 2, but honestly, he doesn't have a clue.  The poor kid still thinks the party was for Ben-and Batman. 

We invited a few friends to join us at Pine Island for some pizza, cake, and swimming on Friday night.  As we drove over the dam, with Pine Island off a little ahead, we started noticing some pretty crazy gray clouds in that general direction.  As we got closer, it got darker.  We were getting things out of the cars, and the wind picked up a little bit more.  We were under a picnic shelter, so we weren't too worried.  I think most of the guests arrived before it really got nuts.  We ate some pizza as it started to rain a little, with thunder off in the distance and a little bit of lightning now and then.  The cake brought a little bit more rain, but nothing too serious, the shelter kept us all dry.

The kids did really well--well, until they got a little stir crazy.  The poor things came in swimsuits, with the huge lake right in front of us.  Toes started sneaking out into the rain-one foot in the shelter, eyes looking at parents for approval.  That quickly became full on rolling in the mud, with a little streaking added in (thanks Betsy!)

They really had a great time-it was like we had planned the poor weather just for them.  Really, today-do we let our kids get dirty enough and just full out play in the yuck?  I know I don't-all I can see it the clean up after the fact.  It was nice to just let 'em loose.  And yes they were dirty, but most of us didn't care at all. 

Soon the rain let up and the storm seemed to have passed, so we all ran down to the water and got in.  Instant clean up!  I think everyone had a good time-crazy weather and all!

Happy Birthday Sweet Boys!!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Ben & Nate! Sorry we missed it. Looks like you had a memorable celebration!


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