Thursday, July 22, 2010


We go to the zoo fairly often.  Columbia has an wonderful zoo and it's a great way to get out and run around a little-when it is not 100 degrees.  So, basically, this summer has been out for us.  This was the first time we had been in a while and the first time in a really long time I have taken my camera.  I think I have it with me now and then, but am too busy enjoying the littles to remember to take pictures of anything.  I got some pictures of some of our favorites this week, although our visit was really short (by 10:30 we were really sweating) and we missed over half of the animals.

The Lemurs are some of Ben's favorites.  These are the ring tails, but he really loves the red rock lemur that we didn't get to see on Monday.

The kangaroos are fairly new to the zoo and this is the first time we have seen them.  You get to walk through the actual exhibit, with nothing between you and the 'roos, which is pretty cool, although the 'roos might be chemically mellowed, I'm not quite sure.  There are also wallabies in there, which must have been hiding from us.

The flamingos were the stars for us this week.  We always stop and look at them on the way in to see the penguins, but boy are they stinky.  The wind direction usually determines how long we look at our pink friends.  We were so happily surprised to see 'mingo babies this time.  The first time we just saw one, then we were lucky enough to see both babies, and to see at least two more eggs in nests.  A few of the birds were sitting down, and we were guessing they might be protecting eggs also-so we are so excited to go back and see how many new babies arrive!

Mason and Nate checking out the meerkats (they really are there, you just can't see their little camoflauged behinds).

Brantley getting warm and cozy with a goat that really needs some orthodontic work.

Are they trying to get in or out?
(and why do I love red doors so much?)

And just a few things I thought were pretty this week. 

It is so nice to be able to go to a great zoo whenever we want.  We don't feel like we have to rush through and see all of the animals, we know they'll still be there when we come back (don't tell my kids that there is one fewer gorilla, they have no idea).

I don't say it enough, but thanks Gil for the hard work that you do that allows me to stay home with the wild things to do the hard work that I do.  Mushy mushy-shut up!

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