Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Dear Ben,

How in the world is it that you turned 4 this weekend?  Really kid, slow it on down.   I can't believe we have had you for four whole years, I feel like you are still our big, blonde, baby boy. 

You finished your second year of preschool, and I know I keep saying it, but you are SMART!  You amaze us all the time with the things that come out of your mouth.  I really need to write down the crazy things you say.  The one that comes to mind happened yesterday in the car.  It was the day after your birthday and I was interviewing you about being 4, I asked you what is different and you told me that you guess you would have to give up dinosaurs now that you are 4.  I told you that big kids can like dinosaurs, too-and you said that you might be more into dragons now.  This whole discussion was so serious to you, like you had really been thinking alot about the implications of being four.  Funny kid. 

Some things about you-you really like dinosaurs and Batman.  You like to watch tv and just this year have been able to sit through a whole movie.  Daddy and I took you to see "Kung Fu Panda" over a year ago, and we made it about an hour (bad example, not a good movie, but it was the only kid thing out and we really watned to take you to your first movie).  Then last summer, you and Daddy went to see a double feature of Toy Story and Toy Story 2. You made it through all of the first one, and some of the second (then I think Daddy talked you into leaving because HE was done with movies for the day!)  We have gone to a few movies this summer during the day and you have done great.  Then you and your friends went to the drive in to see Toy Story 3 and you were mesmerized.  Didn't hear a peep from you the whole time!

You are definitely your Daddy's boy these days.  You two have all sorts of things that you do together that he does way better than I ever could.  You guys are master fort builders and like to have all sorts of battles with each other.  You have all these little bedtime rituals that I don't know about.  We have both been telling you stories lately about when we were little.  It's funny to see your brain trying to wrap around that we were once little.  I'm pretty sure you aren't buying it though.

You and Nate are great good friends, much more this year than last.  He is pretty wild, and he bites you way too often, but you guys have such a good time together.  He is starting to be able to play with you, and not just wreck everything you are doing.  You chase each other all around the downstairs and love to play outside.  You really like playing on your swingset (thanks Mimi and Papa!).  You swing on the "zebra" swing and sometimes I worry that you'll fall asleep on the thing.

You have a lot of really good friends, or it seems like a lot to have for a 4 year old.  You are so nice and considerate to others, both kids and adults alike.  When friends come over to play, you are so good about sharing your toys, and you all usually have a great time.

You and Nate are going to start to share a room sometime this coming year, and you are pretty excited about that.  We think you guys are going to have a great time together.  We just hope you won't stay up all night playing in there.

Daddy and I love you to the moon and back.



  1. Oh my goodness! They have grown up SO much...Ben is precious! Who would have thought about 4 year and 8 months ago we were both thinking, "Man I would love a little girl?" Boys are such an amazing blessing & it is SO fun to think back on their little lives. So glad to see you have a blog!

  2. Okay-not that little girls aren't amazing but you know what I mean ;) Who would have thought we could have loved these precious little ones so much!


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