Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We had a great day today at Kristen's house at the lake.  Ben went to sports camp in the morning and Nate and I got to hang out with Kristen's Mama Brunch friends.  There were a few littles to play with and some yummy snacks. 

Then we went to get Allie and Ben, gobbled some lunch, and headed back to the dock for some more swimmy time.  The two big fish kept wanting to jump off the dock, but each time they jumped, they had to swim back in and walk up and back out to the end.  It wore them out.   It is our goal to wear them out, so success!

Hold my hand!

And going back for more.....

For the record, Ben only used the float to jump when I was not in the water with him (when I was taking these pictures for example).  When I was in there, he jumped in and swam to me (while I held my breath the whole time).

Oh yeah, and Nate had fun, too.  His brand of fun is different from Ben's right now.  You won't find him jumping off a dock anytime soon, but this sweet boy is usually very content wherever he is.  He is happy to watch all the action and entertains himself well.  He is easy to find, all I have to do is look right beside me-and that is exactly how I like it!

Thanks Kristen!  If you hear rustling down at your dock on a sunny day, don't worry, it's not a big turtle, just some wild boys and their mama!

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