Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two Chefs and a SURPRISE

My favorite tall fellow is having a milestone birthday in March, and we got to celebrate it early-courtesy of his sister!

Saturday night we were treated to a gourmet dinner, prepared by two Executive Chefs, in our little old house.  Leslie, with Jim and Steve, designed a delicious menu and all we had to do was sit at the table and enjoy.

Gil's dad got him out of the house so the chefs could sneak in and get everything ready.  Ben waited oh so patiently, silly string in hand, for Dad to come around the corner.

His Mimi might have tested out her silly string on him first....

When Gil got home, he was happily surprised to see the grill already out (he thought he was going to be grilling some steaks for all of us).  He went right over and started messing with the knobs and just stared at us when we told him to keep his hands off.  We told him dinner was being cooked inside-and not by us- and he got the funniest look on his face.  I think it was at that point he spied one of the guys in a white coat bustling around the kitchen.

The moment he realized there were CHEFS in his house.

We had set the table, with our wedding china (only the third usage in its 10 year life with us).  Our original idea was to feed the boys something before we ate dinner, but as I was getting something for them, Ben told me he didn't want chicken nuggets-I asked what he wanted and he got the cutest little puppy dog look on his face and said, "Could we please have some real food?" That's my boy!

 We made the boys little fruit plates to have when we ate our salads.  Nate came across the table and climbed up there while we were outside. We tried to get him to come out, but he would not leave his food!  Poor thing was starving. 


We started with brie baked in puff pastry, with some raspberry preserves swirled in.


We had a really nice salad with goat cheese, cranberries, and pecans. Yum.  Notice that one plate is empty-that is Nate's, which I think he licked clean earlier.


Here is our lovely dinner of filet mignon, crabcakes, rosemary potatoes and fresh veggies.


And for dessert, which none of us were ready for, the best chocolate walnut bourbon pie with vanilla ice cream.  Again, yum.

These two men were really, really great.  They were so friendly and professional.  They left right after we had finished our dinner (we had to wait a little while for pie and ice cream with our full tummies).  They had hand washed and dried ALL of the dishes and had not left a trace of themselves in the kitchen.  I'm pretty sure they had some little elves helping them.

Thank you so much to Jim and Steve for giving us this wonderful experience!


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