Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bird Poop

See, I really would have been a bad girl mom-Bird Poop really sounds like a good title to me!

Today the boys and I had big plans-BIG PLANS I tell you.  Target, they gym, the library, taking Ben's huge comforter, that won't fit in our washing machine, to get cleaned.  Big exciting plans, things little boys love to do, right?

Wrong.  Big fat wrong.  I went outside to get something out of the car and immediately changed our plans.  At 9:30 this morning it was already beautiful outside.  I had on shorts to go to the gym and I wasn't cold at all.  So-to the zoo for us!

It was so pretty and not crowded at all.  We caught the end of the fish talk in the acquarium, which is one of my favoite parts-and got to see the diver feed the fish and wear the stingray for a hat.  That stingray was so funny-he would not leave the diver alone.  The best way to get him out of the way was to actually put the thing on his head.  Wish I had a picture, but alas, no.

Ben did manage to turn my face red not once, but twice, in a 5 minute period. I have yet to have one of those oh s*** moments where he points to a large person and asks why they are so fat, or why does that little girl have 2 mommies-you know those little kid moments.  I have made it 4.5 years now and can't recall a single one.  Today he decided to go big or go home. 

I hear, "Mommy, is that a puppy?"  Really loud, about 3 times before I could figure out what the heck Ben was talking about.  There was a little girl with a backpack with a leash that her dad was holding.  I have no idea if Ben really thought the poor girl was a puppy, but I am guessing his brain just couldn't process seeing a kid on a doggie accessory.  Oops.  Stinkeye from the little girls' dad.  Amanda books it to the playground.

At said playground:  The boys had been there a few minutes and my face had turned back to its normal sickly pale color when, from across the darn play structure, Ben shouts, "Hey Mommy-this boy has his fingernails painted."  I shot him my own stinkeye and he mouthed oops, and I successfully avoided looking at any of the parents until we left. 

Maybe Ben got it out of his system.  Or probably not.  That might have just been the beginning of our inappropriate verbal adventure series.

Moving on.....

I usually let the boys do one special (paid) thing each visit.  Feeding the giraffes has been a favorite lately, but today we went back to an oldie but goodie.  We went in and fed the Lorikeets.  I forget how fun that is, but I'm so annoyed that the price went up from $1 to $2. Not a big difference, but it's just too much for the tiny little cup of juice that you get.

Nate was not at all interested, since he is our designated family chicken.  Daredevil Ben jumped right in though. He got a little bit pooped on, but he didn't seem to care.  Nothing a little wipe couldn't handle.  Not as bad as when he got hit on the head with some.

When it was time to leave, we went around a corner to wash our hands and met the funniest little bird.  This little guy was playing in the sink the whole time we were over there.  And we might have let the water fun a little too long to give him a nice big pool.  He started off just licking the water, then he started rolling around in it, and finally, when it got a little deep, he would swim up and down the whole thing.  He was so entertaining.

I sure do love these little monkeys.

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