Tuesday, October 4, 2011


We are so lucky that our two little monsters love books.  Frankly, they weren't really given any choice in the matter, but so far....so good. 

Nate is currently in the stage where he wants to read the same books over and over.  He doesn't want library books, unless they are Maisy books (see the picture Gil painted above his bed?  That's Maisy)  and he wants to pick out his own books.  His traditional bookshelves were not meeting his needs (seeing all of the covers to choose) so his handy dad put up some shelves so he can see the book covers. 

The happy accident part of the new shelves is how much color it has added to his room!  Books are good decorating options.

**Somehow I forgot to mention that these shelves are made out of rain gutters-yep, cheap rain gutters found at any hardware store!

(And please pretend like my little corner of the blogoverse has not been a ghost town for MONTHS!)

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