Thursday, March 3, 2011

Imagine this

Some of our favorite toys around here are from the Imaginext line from Fisher Price.  I think I love them because they are the closest thing I'm going to get to a dollhouse around here (but don't tell the wee ones).  Really, though-they each have so many features-and not a one of them requires batteries!!!

The guys that go in each one are interchangeable-so the Batman guys can go on a space mission, or the astronauts can go out for a little cruise on the aircraft carrier.  All of these toys have little places you can put the guys feet, and it causes some reaction-a door opens or an elevator rises. 

There are also many moving parts, but they are mostly all permanently attached.  And the Batman cave folds closed and has a handle.  Swoon.  My love for self contained toys has no boundaries.

I just realized this sounds like an ad, but I guess it's more of a gift suggestion.  If you have sweet little monsters, or need a gift for one-consider Imaginext.

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