Monday, March 28, 2011


No, my fascination with chickens has not ended.  In fact-it has intensified.  I am in the process of talking my neighbor into getting some in his yard.  I think I would like to have some, but then I think I would rather Mike have some that we can come play with.  We are very lucky that Emily and Barry and the kids are right up the street, with horses and chickens for us to visit.  Even luckier that Emily got some chicks from a teacher at school and we got to go and visit 11 baby chicks a few weeks ago.  The boys and I made it out there a few times-Em, hope you aren't regretting giving me your key!!  We didn't even poke around in your fridge-and I know you always have good stuff in there!


Ben was a chicken whisperer, they really seemed to like him.


Allie’s chicken needed a blankie to keep warm.


Notice I don’t have any pictures of Nate with the chicks-he was, shall we say-chicken???

And we can’t  forget about Tough (Tuff??) and Midnight.  We loved feeding them apples and carrots.  But My, what big teeth they have!


Ben reminded me that we need to go and check on the chicks.  Now if it would only stop raining!

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