Saturday, September 18, 2010


The other day we took a spur of the moment trip to the park and I happened to grab my camera on the way out, the good one-the one that kinda sorta makes me look like I know what I'm doing-sometimes.  Fortunately, I just learned this new little trick that is helping me lighten up my pictures, unfortunately, the setting was cranked all the way up-so most of my pics were blown out messes.  But I digress-what a surprise, huh?

I love when I catch a funny little series of pictures. (bound to happen when you take 483 pictures at the park).

 Here is Ben

Mad for some odd reason, I'm sure I did something awful, like ask him to please come over to me-it actually probably involved rocks, and leaving them the freak alone.  I'm sure he made a GRR sound at some point.

Still mad, quick-BAD-decision to stick his tongue out at his loving, patient mother.  (The tongue sticking out was reaching epic proportions by this day and mama had had enough!)

Quick, quick-SMILE-she can't resist that one.  I can sort of tell in the tongue sticker outer one that he realized quickly that he had chosen poorly-the eyes give him away.

And this is how the series ends, with a please, mom-don't give me one of those stealth pinches that the tongue antics has caused lately.  And if I remember correctly, no pinches were delivered.

Oh yeah, and this guy was there, too.  It's all I can do some days not to eat him.

And then they were together a little.

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