Friday, August 20, 2010

You betcha, fer sure

So, we just got back from Fargo, oops, I mean Minnesota.  I know, I know-Minnesota?  Are you serious?  You betcha!  Gil knows someone through work that has a lake house up at the top of Minnesota and kept offering it to us for a week, and we finally took him up on it.  And I am so glad we did!

The house, or cabin, itself was really nice.  The main house was very comfy,with 2 bedrooms, a nice den, totally decked out and stocked kitchen, and a huge screened in porch.  And very nicely, satellite tv-a lifesaver when 2 little boys got a little overstimulated-or stir crazy.  Then there was a bunkhouse with 4 more beds and a big bathroom.

We got really lucky with the weather.  It was so nice the week we visited.  Some days would even get up to 90, but with 0% humidity.  I really forgot what dry air feels like-heaven mostly.

The house is on Ten Mile Lake, one of about a million lakes in the area.  The water was chilly on overcast days (but that didn't keep us out of it), but if the sun was out, it felt great.  On both sides of the long dock, the water was very shallow, the boys could touch, and then at the end it was maybe 4 feet or so deep.  And the water was so clear and clean, there was actually soap and shampoo on the boat and we cleaned up out there a few times.

Joe also had a really nice boat he graciously let us use.  It was really fun to zip around the lake.  Most days we went out a few different times.  Our favorite thing to do was to boat over to the "beach".  There was a nice area with no houses and really shallow water that you could just tool over to and put down your anchor.  We would take lunch out there and swim and play for a few hours.

Mimi-Riffic and Nate playing at the beach.

Gil spent a lot of time looking like this..

Nate would fall asleep on the boat on the way to the beach (on the long 5 minute ride!)  and would spend our first 30 minutes or so snoozing.

This will have to be part one-I hear this little sleeper waking up and it has already taken me almost a week just to get this much.  Part two to come.

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