Friday, November 11, 2011


Why oh why can't I take a decent picture? 

I have such good intentions-and I have a wonderful camera-but alas, I lack basic knowledge.  We went out to the Horseshoe with Leslie not long ago to get some family pictures.  I have been wanting to do a family session with a professional photographer but just can't bite the bullet.  Last summer Leslie went with us and we got some great shots.  This year I decided we needed that soft evening light.  Bah Humbug.  I wasn't thinking that the beautiful light requires a slower shutter, so all of our pictures are blurry.  I have also been admiring sun flare on professional photographer pictures lately but I have no idea how to actually achieve that with the real sun! 

Basically I need to take a class on how to get out of auto on my camera.  And maybe get a tripod.

I spent so much time coordinating our outfits so we weren't too matchy matchy-but you can barely tell.  We are all in green and brown (inspired by Ben's shorts) but again, you can barely tell.

And then let's talk about getting more than one person to look at the camera and not make a monkey face.  Factor in that two of the monkeys are 3 and 5 and it's all over.  How do those professionals do it?  They don't get all this monkey face business??

This is probably the best shot of the session.   Should have given Nate a green lollipop at least.

Wow, are there any people in that mess of a picture?

Oh look, it's ants (grainy ants).

Enter the monkey faces.....

 Mom and Dad are looking, but what about the monkeys?

There are about 200 more, but not a one that begs for a frame. 


  1. You and Gil should have taken a couple's shot! You look wonderful! LOVE that dress!...darn monkeys!...

  2. You look beautiful Amanda! Cute coordination of outfits :)

  3. You look great; therefore, it should be framed!!

  4. I have 2 suggestions...1. Brantley bought me the book "Mommarazzi" for my b-day and it has great tips to help you get out of auto. It's easy to read and has beautiful pics in it. 2. When we were at Auburn a photographer just happened to be at Toomer's when we were taking pics and he gave me the biggest need to get closer to the camera...which is the opposite if what I usually want to do. He said you or your family or whatever your subject is should fill the picture...avoid too much background crowding you & your family out. You do look fab...but I understand the quest for good pics being a huge challenge!

  5. Great setting! I think you have great ideas when it comes to composition and that is half the battle! I wouldn't worry about getting the sunburst just right with the real sun. I'm pretty sure most of what you see is a Photoshop trick... Get Gil on the job.... Just make sure where you place the sunburst makes sense. What kind of camera do you have? If you get a good "portrait" lens (one that has a low aperture setting for blurry backgrounds, that will also help.
    I am working on my portfolio (a.k.a. plan B for when the grant money goes out and I have no job). I would be happy to shoot your family photo next time you are in Chucktown! Here is what I've done so far:


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