Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cake Pops

We were so, SO excited for Becca, Ian and Brandon to come for a Spring Break visit. Our visits are never long enough and we stay oh so busy. We sure are sad that we don’t live closer, but they are way Virginians and we are pretty much South Carolinians through and through. I am going to break down Cousin-palooza into a few separate posts because I have so many pictures from our adventures.

Grandma and Charlene sent the boys the best treat for Easter. They made Cake Pops! I was so excited-I have been following Bakerella for quite some time but haven’t attempted any pops-Cake Balls once, but nothing special like these….

And the happy recipients....

I'm pretty sure Nate a few for breakfast every morning for a week-and any other time he could convince someone to open one for him.

Thanks Mom and Char!  We love you guys!

(and no-it is not physically possible for me to get a picture of four wild boys with them all looking at the camera-with their eyes open!)

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